December 18, 2009

BIGSMACKtv Creates New Image Campaign for BIO Channel

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Irreverent is not the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of the BIO Channel, but that is the best way to describe the new 9-spot image campaign created for the popular cable network by BIGSMACKtv, the agency/production/design studio hybrid led by Creative Director Andy Hann.

''BIO has changed their identity significantly over the last few years and so we wanted to reinforce the network’s brand, which at its core centers on the idea that understanding is empowering,'' Hann says.

The campaign centers on profound quotes from famous personalities read with intense seriousness by real people in their natural environment who have seemingly embraced the quotes as a life mantra through which they have become more empowered and actualized.

Each spot begins with a seemingly out-of-left-field Latin-infused percussive soundtrack that abruptly stops as soon as the subject stands before the camera on a small red circle stage designed to recall the red dot in the BIO logo. The juxtaposition of the quotes and who said them with the personality and setting of the real people gives the campaign its absurdist edge.

The spots ends with the BIGSMACKtv penned tagline: ''The stories are true. The inspiration is endless'' followed by a fast-paced montage of black and white still photos of an array of celebrities from Al Capone to Cameron Diaz to the Rolling Stones and more.

BIGSMACKtv began the process with hours of extensive research to find these revelatory quotes. Their only criteria was that it feel insightful enough to be believed that the person reading the quote would take it to heart.

The detailed casting sessions for the nine principal talent included equal parts real people and actors was followed by an intense one-day shoot on a farm in Bucks County, PA and exterior locations in downtown Philadelphia. Although the shoot was logistically complex, Hann notes it was made easier thanks to their smart casting choices.

''When you have the right cast, the shoot is easy,'' Hann notes. ''The real people were quirky personalities to begin with so all they had to be was themselves, and the actors were consummate pros. The goal was to find people that had a look about them that was easy to prejudge. But then, through their quote, your perception of them would change. It’s about empowerment through knowledge, which is really what BIO is all about.''

Lead by Creative Director Andy Hann, BIGSMACKtv is a full service creative agency specializing in the broadcast industry. From their offices in downtown Philadelphia, BIGSMACKtv creates, produces, designs and posts image and promotional campaigns for the world’s leading entertainment providers. Recent clients include Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, HBO, Comedy Central, Sundance and A&E, among others. For more information contact: Brett Ashy at The Ashy Agency (, 323-464-2749) or go to

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Creative Credits:
Client: BIO
Project: 9-spot image campaign

Agency/Production: BIGSMACKtv, Philadelphia, PA
Creative Director: Andy Hann
Executive Producers: Heidi Erney, Kelly Dials

December 10, 2009

BOND Launches BOND Design Collective

NEW YORK, NY -- Looking to expand the creative services and talent available to its clients, as well as build new relationships, markets and opportunities, BOND, the full-service creative post-house led by Creative Director Jeff Beckerman, has formed the BOND Design Collective -- a strategic alliance between three extraordinarily talented creative companies that specialize in visual effects/3D animation, conceptualization, motion graphics and interactive design for any type of screen. Together, they form a power and dynamic creative force unlike many others.

The BOND Design Collective includes BOND-FX, which specializes in visual effects, motion graphics and scene enhancement; The Core, the Santa Monica, CA based design studio specializing in conceptually driven broadcast design and motion graphics; and eatdrink, Chicago, best known for its award-winning interactive and CG design for numerous top national brands.

The BOND Design Collective is the latest addition to BOND, which includes BOND Edit (creative offline/online editorial and finishing); BOND Audio (sound design and audio post); and BOND-FX.

According to Beckerman, what makes the BOND Design Collective so powerful is that each company brings something different creatively to the proverbial table.

''Given these economic times, we see this as a potential game-changer for both the current clients of all three companies, as well as potential new ones looking to tap into a wealth of talent and technology rarely found within a single entity,'' Beckerman says. ''From high-end concept development through challenging executions, whether in advertising, broadcast, network branding, multimedia and beyond, there literally isn’t a facet of our modern communications landscape we can’t handle.''

• Led by visual effects designer Jeff Spangler, BOND-FX is a Flame/Flare-based visual effects and motion graphic studio. Their work includes new ads for Pantene, General Mills and Wendy’s.

• The Core is known for its high-energy creative direction, conceptually driven design and motion graphics work for an array of clients including VH1, Spike, Marc Ecko and Yahoo. Led by Creative Director Chris Hoffman and Executive Producer Chad Feeback, the company just won a 2009 First Boards Awards and a 2009 Telly.

• eatdrink’s work integrates striking interactive design, 3D animation and video executions. Clients ranging from A1 Steak Sauce, Disney, McDonald’s and Zappos, as well as many others, have been the recipients of their design expertise. Chad Hutson is eatdrink’s Founder and Executive Producer.

For Beckerman, the BOND Design Collective maintains the benefits of a specialized creative boutique while adding deeper capabilities in conceptual design, 3D, visual effects and interactive design into one coordinated team. All without losing the personal touch and service that BOND is known for throughout the post-production community.

''Our goal,” Beckerman says, ''is to find new ways to better serve our clients, make new ones and further expand into other industries. This is also an amazing opportunity for The Core and eatdrink to be able to offer their clients BOND’s audio, editorial and visual effects capabilities for their projects. Having a coast-to-coast reach means we can work with clients virtually anywhere in the U.S. Together we are a formidable powerhouse of talent and energy and we look forward to showing the industry how much we’re capable of.''

About BOND:
From inside their beautifully designed 6,500 square foot studio, BOND ( -- the creative editorial/post house founded in 2006 by editor Jeff Beckerman – lends its versatile talents to the best in cross-platform advertising and entertainment. They offer clients a full menu of creative services, including editing, graphics, motion effects and sound design/audio post. For more information contact Executive Producer, Stephanie Shayne at HYPERLINK "" or 212-533-9400.

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November 5, 2009

Tonal Sets Uplifting Mood For A&E’s Recovery Project Campaign

NEW YORK, NY -- Following the success of the Emmy-winning series “Intervention,” A&E has created The Recovery Project, a multimedia and community based outreach program designed to raise awareness about addiction and how it is treatable and recovery is possible. A key component to the project are two moving TV spots featuring a powerful, anthemic score composed by Alex Lasarenko, Creative Director of music/sound design house Tonal.

''The goal of the spots is to show people who are suffering from alcohol and drug addiction that they are not alone, even though they may feel alone,'' Lasarenko says. ''Musically they wanted something that would symbolize that -- something that began very starkly with one instrument, but slowly builds into a larger sounding piece.''

In the spots, entitled ''Share'' (:60) and ''Lifetime'' (:30) we see vignettes of recovering addicts going through their daily lives while they talk about the positive changes in their lives thanks to recovery. The music begins with a simple piano melody that slowly incorporates more instrumental textures such as a soft acoustic guitar and bass. As the music swells to include a string section, drums and a more soaring, anthemic quality, the pace quickens with the subjects now holding signs indicating exactly how long they’ve been in recovery.

In an unusual move that speaks volumes about A&E and director Terence Wiliams’ trust in Lasarenko's musical instincts and how well he captured the emotions the spots are meant to evoke, Lasarenko recorded all of the music before the cameras even rolled. In fact the music, which features all live instruments, was played during the shoot to give the cast and crew inspiration.

''Terence and A&E gave us a lot of creative freedom,'' Lasarenko explains. ''Their only mandate was that the music should start simple and build to a big finish. I heard that several people involved with the project were moved to tears by the music, which makes us proud.”

About Tonal:
Founded in 2002 by award-winning composer/sound designer Alex Lasarenko, Tonal is a place where original music and ideas converge in an artistic environment. Clients ranging from advertising agencies, television networks, feature filmmakers and record labels have sought out Tonal for their distinct ability to craft memorable music no matter the genre. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s West Chelsea arts scene, the company’s offices are destination for artists and performers of all stripes from around the globe. For more information about the company contact Michelle Brunwasser at 212.255.4369 or

Web Resources:
Click here to watch A&E’s The Recovery Project spots:

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Click here for more info about The Recovery Project:

Creative Credits:
Client: A&E
Project: The Recovery Project -- “Share” (:60) and “Lifetime” (:30)

Agency: A&E in-house, New York

Production/Editorial: Bobs Your Uncle, New York
Director Terence Williams

Music: Tonal, New York
Creative Director/Composer: Alex Lasarenko
Executive Producer: Warren Wolfson

November 2, 2009


DALLAS, TX -- The premiere of “Amanpour” on CNN represents a pivotal new chapter in the career of the news network’s chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour. A live global interview program that hosts the world’s elite in politics, culture and beyond, the show makes its presence known with a gripping custom theme from Stephen Arnold Music.
Stephen Arnold Music matched the larger-than-life profile of Amanpour with a strong set of themes – five in all – that reflected her status as one of the top journalists in the field. Written to reach an international audience, the music’s foundation draws off of a signature four-note sonic logo, unfolding via a stirring arrangement of live orchestral strings, horns, and percussion, combined subtly with advanced electronic elements.

''Christiane Amanpour is among the most recognizable talents in the CNN family worldwide,'' says Stephen Arnold, President of Stephen Arnold Music. “It was important to develop a strong signature that fits her personality. The ‘Amanpour’ theme is distinctive and authoritative and also has a feminine quality to it. A sense of elegance, importance and intellectual appeal were also essential qualities to weave into the music.''

The composition that Arnold and his team wrote and arranged was recorded by members of the Dallas and Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra, bringing together violins, violas, cellos, French horns and more for a rich sound that only live players and instruments can bring. The result is a theme fit for on-air royalty, effectively mixing majesty, tension and drama, all riding a rhythmic pulse.

With compositions that have been central to the branding of broadcast brands such as CBS, Fox Business Channel, The Weather Channel, and a full 35% of all U.S. local TV markets, Stephen Arnold Music’s expertise made them a natural choice for the project. ''We have a strong feel for what CNN’s network sound is, and we made sure to extend that to ‘Amanpour’,'' Arnold says. ''Our longtime experience in sonic branding is what allowed us to translate Christiane Amanpour’s amazing qualities into a fitting theme for her new show.''

''Inside the Middle East''
In addition to 'Amanpour,' Stephen Arnold Music was also selected to write a fresh theme for the popular CNN program ''Inside the Middle East.'' Part of a relaunch that also called for a new graphic look, Stephen Arnold Music created a contemporary, energetic theme that seamlessly fused electronic and Arabic feels.

Stephen Arnold Music recorded strings, santoor and a wealth of percussion instruments with ancient Middle Eastern roots, plus the latest in modern synths, to make an invigorating cross-cultural statement. ''A good hook is a good hook,'' Stephen Arnold says of the company’s ability to write across an international range. ''It takes a lot of experience and research to fuse traditional and contemporary styles, but you also have to just put your head and heart into the music. You can hear we did just that in the new theme for CNN’s ‘Inside the Middle East.’''

About Stephen Arnold Music:

As a multiple Emmy, Addy and Promax Gold award-winning music production company, Stephen Arnold Music has over 15 years of success in delivering the sounds that make a difference to networks, television stations, advertising agencies, film studios and video game companies the world over. The company's Commanding Sonic Branding approach to music production and commitment to industry-leading service is at the core of its promise. For more information, please visit

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Click here to watch the CNN 'Amanpour' open:

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October 13, 2009

Leroy And Clarkson’s Crafts Duel in the Desert For ABC’s New Dancing With The Stars Promo Campaign

NEW YORK, NY -- In creating ABC-TV’s new promo campaign for Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars, Leroy and Clarkson ( and Creative Director Daniel Fries drew inspiration from classic western duel sequences to create a sultry dance battle against a burning horizon.

Beautifully photographed and featuring some equally impressive 3D animation and compositing, Fries says the goal behind the campaign was to try and reach a younger, hipper audience without turning off their loyal viewers. That meant taking ballroom dance away from its theatrical roots and shaping it into something more cinematic.

“This is the biggest season ever of Dancing With the Stars -- featuring a live premiere event, bigger stars on the show and a new elimination format -- so ABC challenged us to take this campaign to a much more epic place,” Fries says.

The Leroy and Clarkson creative team responded with the Duel in the Desert -- a trailer-like promo that captures the scale and drama they were looking for.

Set to a dramatic score by music house Musikvergnuegen, Hollywood, CA, the spot begins with a shot of a brilliant sunset and a slow motion shot of a silhouetted man and woman strolling confidently toward the camera. Their destination: a shiny black stage, surrounded by huge LED screens, scaffolding, and a cheering audience of thousands. As the silhouetted couple takes the stage, we see other couples size them up warily. Suddenly the competition begins and the couples exhibit their best moves. Using a variety of lenses, frame rates and tracking shots, Fries’ camera captures all the sultry moves in vibrant 35 mm detail. As 3D animated embers cascade on the LED screens, the spot comes to a climactic end with the woman in red hoisting the coveted trophy high above her head.

For Fries, one of the primary challenges was dealing with the environmental conditions -- namely shooting physically demanding choreography under a 110-degree desert sun on a lit, black stage. “It was important that we minimize everyone’s time out in the sun,” Fries said. “We had to be very economical in terms of how we used the talent so they would last the entire day.”

Equally important were the visual effects, which included the 3D animated LED screens and scaffolding. These are also used throughout the season in a comprehensive toolkit that carries the look and feel for episodic promos.

“I didn’t want this to feel too theatrical and synchronized like a musical,” Fries says. “We wanted it to feel raw and explosive. That gave us the emotion and action of a more cinematic style.”

Fries adds, “This was one of those projects where every facet of Leroy and Clarkson was tested -- from creating the concept to mounting a complex live action production through the intricate post process. And all of this for one of the biggest shows on television.”

Based on the response from ABC -- who has made the promos and graphics a key part of the Dancing With The Stars website as well -- it’s clear this promo campaign is as big a hit as the show itself.

About Leroy and Clarkson:
Leroy and Clarkson ( is a creative agency, a design studio and a production company fluent in brand identity, promotional campaigns and graphic design. We are writers, designers, directors, editors and producers with the ability to develop and execute everything from simple title design to large-scale, brand-level campaign work.
We bring an emotionally engaging and narrative-driven approach to our projects. Our clients are networks, agencies and filmmakers looking to take their projects in new, culturally informed and creative directions.

For more information, please contact Susie Shuttleworth at 212-431-9291. The company is represented for broadcast work by Brett Ashy of The Ashy Agency (323.464.2749) and for advertising by Lisa Toliver (858.309.5169).

Web Resources:
Click here to watch the Dancing with the Stars promo:

Click here for more info about Leroy and Clarkson:

Click here for more info about Dancing with the Stars:

Creative Credits:
Client: ABC-TV
Project: Dancing With The Starts promo campaign/graphic toolkit

Production/Design Post: Leroy and Clarkson, New York
Creative Director: Daniel Fries
Executive Producer: Susie Shuttleworth

September 29, 2009

Vh1 Launches ‘The T.O. Show’ Campaign With Sound Design From Nutmeg Audio Post

NEW YORK, NY -- Go for two: VH1 needed both intensity and space in the :30 promo for their highly anticipated new program “The T.O. Show.” They called on Nutmeg Audio Post ( for a standout sound design that would show why the multidimensional athlete Terrell Owens (T.O.) was a star worth watching.

Nutmeg Senior Audio Engineer Mike Vitacco collaborated closely with VH1 Director/Writer Tyler Greco, starting with an extremely productive pre-production, to craft “T.O.” into an arresting promo. Set in a surreally empty football stadium, Owens plays chess with himself, as the camera continually rotates 360 degrees to show the many scenes of celebrity, solitude and psychological intrigue that are his everyday life.

Vitacco’s sound design draws viewers in deeper by employing subtly unexpected sounds and judicious use of space. “This promo explores the internal struggles and multiple identities we all deal with,” Vitacco explains. “I wanted to accentuate the visual openness of the spot. The empty football field with the lights gives the idea that maybe he’s in front of 80,000 fans, or maybe in his own world.”

Vitacco adds, “I try to give every project its own fingerprint, by employing original, organic sounds that I create, instead of whooshes from a library. The sound of champagne pouring into a glass is actually a modified tape shuttle effect, flashbulbs popping are robot gulps, and my guitar through a Moogerfooger delay is also there -- the result is an alternate reality. But it’s not just what the sound effects are: It’s also the space that we were able to lend to each of them. Nothing is rushed, and nothing is stepping on something else.”

It’s in the Mix:
VH1’s Greco teamed closely with Nutmeg from the beginning, planning the visuals in synch with Vitacco’s sound design concepts and an artfully minimalist hip hop track from composer Eddie Cooper of Explosion Robinson. Jamie Hubbard of Cause & [Effect] ensured the video editorial kept sound and visuals perfectly sharp.

“When we collaborated on the pre-production, I did a read of the script myself so Tyler would know exactly how much time he needed for each camera movement,” says Vitacco, who also oversaw the ISDN record of Owen’s VO, and the subsequent mix. “Advance sound work like that helps him not to rush the visuals, and contributes to a top-notch spot.”

“’T.O’ really started with the sound design and music,” adds Tyler Greco. “Once we conceptualized this stark, surreal stadium setting, the audio became just as important as the camera work. Mike’s work really pushed the spot – when it’s over, viewers really have a sense of what the show is about, who T.O. is, who he isn’t, and that they want to know more.”

“Whenever you work at Nutmeg Audio Post, you know you’re going to get a unique perspective on sound,” Greco continues. “Nothing is cookie-cutter there, because they give you a fresh approach. That’s important, because then you get what we accomplished with ‘T.O.’: a one-of-a-kind spot that stands out from the pack.”

“The T.O. Show” airs every Monday at 10:00 PM EST on VH1.

About Nutmeg Audio Post:
Nutmeg Audio Post is New York City’s comprehensive audio post facility that puts creativity first. Founded in 1979, it is home to an elite staff of mixers and support staff committed to providing world-class audio post production and sound design for HDTV and SDTV, film, radio, online and interactive media. For more information, please visit or call 212-921-8005.

Creative Credits:
Client: VH1
Project: The T.O. Show promo

Agency: Vh1 (In-House)
Director/Writer: Tyler Greco
Vp On-Air Promos: Tony Maxwell
Senior Director On-Air Promos: Adam Wilson
Supervising Producer: Michael Flexner
Line Producer: Amber Harris
Executive Producer: Wendell Wooten
Evp Creative & Consumer Marketing: Nigel Cox-Hagen
Svp Branding & Design: Phil Delbourgo

Audio Post: Nutmeg Audio Post, New York
Mixer/Sound Designer: Mike Vitacco

Music: Explosion Robinson, New York
Creative Director: Stephen Hermann
Composer: Eddie Cooper

Editorial: Cause & [Effect], New York
Editor: Jamie Hubbard

Web Resources:
Click here to watch the VH1/T.O. Show promo:

Click here for more info about Nutmeg Audio:

September 9, 2009

Neo-Pangea Launches Wal-Mart “Your Zone” 3-D Web Application

Reading, PA -- The Internet has been changing the way the world works, dates and does practically everything else over the past two decades. However, for all of the life-changing strides the Internet has made in other fields, it hasn’t done much in the way of making furniture lighter…that is until today.

The creative team at Neo-Pangea, in partnership with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and their traditional print and television advertising agency, The Martin Agency, is pleased to announce the creation of ''Your Zone.'' This innovative 3-D online experience lets you hold in your hand a virtual room filled with ever-changing Wal-Mart furniture sets, pieces and home décor.

''Because this is a tool that people use to see actual products, it was important for us to make sure the items look exactly as they do in the store,'' said Neo-Pangea’s Royal Alchemist Jason Morris. ''The textures for the individual drapes, sheets, comforters, etc., was taken from photos of the actual products.''

And here’s where it really gets cool...

Users can print a marker on a regular piece of paper using a standard printer and when placed in front of an ordinary webcam, a 3-D room full of Wal-Mart products comes to life in your hands. The fabrics, wall colors and accessories change over time to represent different styles and provide a larger view of their vast product line.

The team at Neo-Pangea utilized Papervision3D to render the virtual room in real time, so that when you rotate the marker, the room rotates. When you move the marker closer to the Webcam, the room gets larger.

'''Your Zone' is a revolutionary way for Wal-Mart shoppers to enjoy a realistic view of how a wide variety of furnishings will look in their homes without having to lug enormous pieces back and forth,'' said Neo-Pangea Baron of Pixels Brett Bagenstose. “It won’t make the furniture lighter, but it's the next best thing."

About Neopangea:

Based in West Reading, Pennsylvania, Neo-Pangea is an innovative agency that specializes in digital video and audio productions, Web design, interactive experiences, and live multimedia performances. It has created successful promotions for Fortune 100 brands such as Comcast, Nike, National Geographic... and now Wal-Mart.

About The Martin Agency:

The Martin Agency is based in Richmond, Virginia and is part of Interpublic Group of Companies. It has been ranked the #3 Agency in the world by Advertising Age. They lead brands such as GEICO, UPS, Hanes, Wal-Mart, and NASCAR.

About Wal-Mart:

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is currently ranked number one on Fortune magazine’s prestigious Fortune 500 list and operates more than 7,000 facilities and employs more than two million associates worldwide. For the fiscal year ending January 31, 2008, Wal-Mart was the world’s largest retailer with in excess of $374 billion dollars in sales.

Web Resources:

For more information on Neo-Pangea visit:

For more information on The Martin Agency visit:

For more information on Wal-Mart’s “Your Zone” Augmented Reality application visit:

August 26, 2009

Shooters Post & Transfer Creates 'Defining Moments' For MASN

Company Develops Unique Virtual Set For Comprehensive Campaign

PHILADELPHIA -- Shooters Post & Transfer (, the full-service creative post house, stepped up big-time for MASN, (Mid-Atlantic Sports Network), the Baltimore, MD-based regional sports network owned jointly by the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals, handling the production with a cast of real fans, and the complex post production that centered on creating intricate 3D virtual sets that evoked the iconic look of Camden Yards and Nationals Park -- the home stadiums for Orioles and Nationals respectively. The 20-spot branding campaign was created by the Washington, DC-based agency Rosenthal Partners, and directed by Peter Churchman of Churchman Productions, Ardmore, PA.

"This campaign has its origins in fandom, starting with blog entries that asked fans to write their favorite Orioles or Nationals moment," Dick Goggin, MASN's Consultant for Creative and Marketing, said. "The original idea for the TV campaign was to shoot in a big studio and build replicas of the stadium scoreboards, but Shooters convinced me they had the resources in production, 3D animation design and graphics, as well as post to handle it all digitally. I was skeptical at first, but they were right."

Instead of building physical sets, the Shooters creative team, led by Ed Mendez, Visual Effects Supervisor from Shooters' film division DIVE, proposed to shoot the fans on a smaller greenscreen stage and create a virtual sets in 3D for creative and budget reasons.

"The virtual set allowed us to composite the fans into the scene, and because we shot digitally we were also able to take all the camera data and use that to make the scenes perfect in terms of lighting, shadows and perspective," Mendez said. "The other advantage was the control we had on these complicated VFX driven spots. Partnering with Churchman Productions ensured that the client got want they wanted and the budget was not blown because something was shot incorrectly."

The challenges in production were technical and practical -- namely how to make certain everything worked seamlessly in post, and how to shoot some 20 fans, not actors, in three days. The schedule meant they would need to film about eight fans each day, with about an hour for each. Shooters tapped Director Peter Churchman, who is known for his network work with real people, for the project.

"Peter had a great way with the fans and got them to open up, be natural and tell their stories in a compelling way," Carolyn Jefferson, Executive Producer -- Production said. "Between the casting, shooting, the logistics, the shoot and post there was a lot of moving parts on this project, but because of the fully-integrated production and post workflow at Shooters everything came together seamlessly."

Adds Goggin, "MASN has a long history with Shooters, and this is the biggest project to date. It was a unique project and they excelled greatly. The campaign has been well received by both our fans and from everyone at MASN, and Shooters deserves a lot of credit for it turning out as well as it did."

About Shooters Post & Transfer:
Shooters Post & Transfer ( blends talent, technology and customer service to provide a superior level of quality and creativity. Shooters' client base consists of ad agencies, production companies, filmmakers, television and cable networks, political consultants, PR firms, and corporations. Capabilities include Spirit 2K film transfer w/ Bones data, da Vinci 2k Plus w/Colorist Toolbox; Resolve Digital Cinema Suite, six Inferno/Smoke2k suites, nine Avid non-linear edit, four final cut suites, CGI and graphic design, Flame, three surround sound audio suites, audio recording studio, film, HD and video crews and studio. Shooters offer these services in SD, HD, 2K, 4k, RED and Viper. The company also has a content division that produces Food Network's "Dinner: Impossible."

About DIVE:
Based in Philadelphia, DIVE (, is a visual effects and film finishing house led by veteran Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Forker - most recently Visual Effects Supervisor at Digital Domain, Los Angeles. The new company will focus on providing the film community with visual effects, digital intermediates, and titles.

Web Resources:
Click here to view the MASN 'Defining Moments' branding campaign:

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Click here for more info about MASN:

Click here for more info about Rosenthal Partners:

Creative Credits:
Client: MASN, Baltimore, MD
Project: "Defining Moments" branding campaign (20 x :30)

Agency: Rosenthal Partners, Washington, DC

Production: Churchman Productions, Ardmore, PA (in association with Shooters Post & Transfer):
Director: Peter Churchman

Visual Effects/Post Production: Shooters Post & Transfer, Philadelphia, PA
Visual Effects Supervisor: Ed Mendez
Executive Producer: Carolyn Jefferson
VFX Artists: Jeremy Fernsler & Kevin Fanning
Sound Design: Mike Taylor
Post Producer: Mark Reidenauer

August 25, 2009


Leaders in Broadcast Network Music Composition Create Vibrant Song, 'A Lot Happens Early' for Wide-Reaching Campaign

DALLAS: America is waking up to the catchiest promotional campaign of 2009, driven by the sharp sonic sensibilities of Stephen Arnold Music ( CBS chose Stephen Arnold Music, the leaders in network music composition, to create the unforgettable new song "A Lot Happens Early" for their latest "The Early Show" national ad package.
Stephen Arnold Music built on its history of creating catchy hooks that build brands with "A Lot Happens Early", a pop song that comes on like fresh brewed coffee. Stephen Arnold Music founder Stephen Arnold collaborated with hit songwriter Greg Barnhill, making music and lyrics that exactly matched CBS' mission for "The Early Show" promos: communicate a strong and positive message that would draw viewers to the colorful "Early Show" on-air team.

"The song for this campaign needed to stick in your head, driving viewership by exciting people about the show and its personalities," says Stephen Arnold. "Accomplishing that means putting the right song together with the right singer and a great group of musicians. That's the art of making something that's truly memorable."

"A Lot Happens Early" springs out of the speakers with the energy that only a full live band can provide. Stephen Arnold Music assembled a group of top Nashville players, fronted by a contemporary female vocalist singing lyrics that deliver on the promise of each daybreak: "It's a new morning for America's family/Sun's coming up so make it all that it can be/You know a lot happens early..."

"CBS wanted a sound with broad appeal bridging pop and urban elements, that could sound like it was a hit song straight off a top artist's album," Arnold explains. "We started with an incredibly strong hook written on a simple acoustic guitar. The lyrics we wrote reflected images that CBS could easily edit powerful images to, clearly showing the magic that happens in some way every day on 'The Early Show'."

Also on the Stephen Arnold Music team were Producer Chad Cook, Sound Recording Engineering Supervisor Paul West, and Editor Wheeler Sparks, who cut audio for the :60, :20, :15, :10 and :05 versions of the campaign. They collaborated closely with CBS' Julie Haaland, Director of On-Air Promotions, and Dave McCoy, Vice President of Promotions.

"At Stephen Arnold Music, we've seen time and again that an authentic original song is crucial to a successful campaign," Stephen Arnold says. "We made sure that 'A Lot Happens Early' would demonstrate the distinctive brand that CBS has on its hands. When viewers hear it, they know immediately that this song is the sound of 'The Early Show'."

About Stephen Arnold Music:
As a multiple Emmy, Addy and Promax Gold award-winning music production company, Stephen Arnold Music has over 15 years of success in delivering the sounds that make a difference to networks, television stations, advertising agencies, film studios and video game companies the world over. The company's Commanding Sonic Branding approach to music production and commitment to industry-leading service is at the core of its promise. For more information, please visit

Web Resources:

Explosion Robinson Scores Show Open for VH1's New Reality Series 'The T.O. Show'

Music/Sound Design Highlight Two Sides of NFL Star Terrell Owens' Personality

NEW YORK, NY -- NFL star receiver Terrell Owens has two sides: good-natured, happy-go-lucky Terrell and the cocky, brash superstar who prefers to go simply by his initials T.O. Both personalities are on view in VH1's new reality series The T.O. Show, and thanks to Explosion Robinson, the custom music and sound design shop founded by Stephen Hermann, you hear them equally well in the show's open.

The series chronicles Owens' public and private life, and the obstacles he encounters as he attempts to reconcile his two sides and find success in both arenas. Explosion Robinson embraced this dualistic concept and created a seamless blend of music and sound design as considered and powerful as the athlete himself. Crafted by composer/engineer Eddie Cooper, the composition and sound design cue one another and synchronize to develop a narrative that parallels the visuals and script. "The sound design is complementary to the music cues -- both build to tell the story," says Hermann. Though these elements are strictly tied to picture, the piece still sounds authentic as a stand-alone hip-hop track.

The show opens with the dramatic sound of stadium applause as Owens introduces himself. From there we see Terrell playing chess against himself, as a bell echoes and strings begin to swell. Sweeping camera moves reveal the dichotomy between ëTerrell' and ëT.O.' and are punctuated by a deliberate beat and a collage of sound design. Each visual -- the scrape of a chess piece, the frenzied snapping of paparazzi cameras, T.O.'s fists pounding in frustration -- are all synchronized with musical elements, merging with the downbeat or a stroke of a violin.

"Our goal for the sound design was to cue the visual shifts and transitions between Owens' two sides," Cooper says. "The client really wanted the audio to tell the story as much as the visuals do, which opened the door to a lot of creative musical ideas."

In addition to the series open, VH1 also requested a separate original track for the show's promo campaign. While the visuals remain near identical to those of the open, this second track is a real departure from the first. Although still scored to picture, the new music is less dramatic and more uplifting and captures Owens' aspiration and focus. "It's interesting how much music can affect video," says Hermann, "The visuals and script were almost exactly the same, but they feel so different from one another because of the music."

About Explosion Robinson
Take his obsession with music, add an intuitive grasp of sound and picture combined, and you begin to see what makes Stephen Hermann and his custom music, sound design and audio post house Explosion Robinson so successful. Clients as diverse as MTV, Spike, and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners have long recognized the company's talents, with collaborators, such as Periscope and VH1, recently joining the fan base. They're attracted to Hermann's credentials as a former member of recording artists Sukpatch (listed on the label Slabco), as well as his talent as a producer of indie outfits, such as Australian sensation The Cannanes. That background helps Explosion Robinson craft original music and sound design that's a rare mix of fearless experimentation, bold thinking, and sensitive fidelity to the client's ultimate goals and creative objectives. To find out more, please visit
or email

Web Resources:
Click here to watch The T.O. Show" open and promo:

Click here for more info about Explosion Robinson:

BOND Audio Sounds Good With New Heineken Beer Campaign

Campaign Created By The Vidal Partnership Features Nestor Carbonell of Lost and The Dark Knight Fame

NEW YORK, NY - Building on the general market campaign for Heineken featuring actor John Turturro, BOND Audio's Sound Designer/Engineer Joe Casalino teamed with agency The Vidal Partnership to create a similar eight-spot featuring actor Nestor Carbonell, known to many for his role on the TV show Lost and in the hit movie The Dark Knight.

The "Give Yourself a Good Name" campaign, feature Carbonell in various settings talking directly to viewers about the value of Heineken, not just as a great tasting beer, but what it says about you and your lifestyle.

In "Trovador," Carbonell weaves his way through a busy jazz club while explaining how "you are a troubadour and this (Heineken beer) is your instrument"; while "Representante" takes a more philosophical approach with Carbonell looking into a mirror inside a crowded nightclub opining how "what you see there is more than a reflection. How you are, where you come from and what you drink, they see the ambassador of your origins, a representative of your people."

The six other spots feature a similar vibe with Carbonell in similarly sophisticated settings.

For Casalino, the challenge turned out to be the timing, which required completion of all eight spots in less than a month. "This project featured an unusually fast turnaround because of the agency's scheduled client presentation," Casalino said. "We also needed to find the right music to set the mood of the campaign and create the balance between music, sound design and dialogue without any one aspect dominating the sound. We have a great relationship with The Vidal Partnership and together we worked to make the mix perfect."

About BOND:

From inside their beautifully designed 6,500 square foot studio, BOND ( - the creative editorial/post house founded in 2006 by Creative Director Jeff Beckerman - lends its versatile talents to the best in cross-platform advertising and entertainment. They offer clients a full menu of creative services, including editing, graphics, motion effects and sound design/audio post. For more information contact Executive Producer, Stephanie Shayne at or 212-533-9400.

Web Resources:

Click here for more info about BOND Audio:

Creative Credits:

Client: Heineken BeerProject: "Give Yourself a Good Name" -- eight spot campaign

Agency: The Vidal Partnership, New York

Director Broadcast Production: Meiling Macias ToroManaging Partner/EVP/Creative Director: Mauricio GalvanAssociate Creative Director: Aaron Alamo

Sound Design/Audio Post: BOND Audio, New York

Sound Designer/Engineer: Joe CasalinoProducer, Amy Kommatas

July 22, 2009

Never seen this technique before

Two currently-seeking-work creatives in London, Tom Wrigglesworth and Matthew Robinson, created this fantastic stop-motion animation by sync'ing HP printers.

HP - invent from Tom and Matt on Vimeo.

July 20, 2009

Cause & [Effect] Adds Editor Jason Kileen; Continues Corporate Expansion With Additional Space, Talent and Services

Noted Spot Editor Joins Growing Two-Year Old Creative Post House

NEW YORK, NY -- Cause & [Effect] Productions (, the two-year-old creative collective led by Executive Producer Jason Zemlicka and Editor Jamie Hubbard, has added noted Editor Jason Kileen to its roster of creative talent. Kileen, who is represented by Cause & [Effect] on a non-exclusive basis, and has worked with such top commercial directors as Joe Pytka, Spike Lee and Errol Morris, represents just one facet of the company's recent growth, which includes office expansion, additional staff and new technology investments.

"Today, clients are looking to work with companies that are versatile and can do more than one thing well," Zemlicka says. "They want creative partners that can play a key roll in every step of the process. That's what Cause & [Effect] is all about. We're perhaps best known for our editorial, but our clients come to us for design, 2D/3D animation, as well as writing and directing. Adding the talents of someone like Kileen brings that much more to the creative mix here. We feel fortunate to have someone as talented as Jason on our roster."

Cause & [Effect]'s full-service approach rang true for Kileen, a multi-talented editor who is seemingly comfortable working in any genre ñ including comedy, visual effects, and dramatic story-telling.

"I'm lucky to have been able to work on a wide diversity of projects, I just love the art of editing and always wanted to work on as many projects as I could, regardless of the genre," Kileen says. "When I first met Jamie and Jason, I immediately wanted to be a part of what they were building. I appreciate Cause & [Effect]'s agile approach to the changing atmosphere of the industry."

Kileen comes to Cause & [Effect] following three years at post house PS 260, where in addition to numerous high-profile ads, he co-edited the indie film "On The Road with Judas" which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. Prior to PS 260, Kileen was with post house Go Robot. He began his career as an assistant at Slingshot (now known as Chemistry), Lost Planet and Crew Cuts.

"Jason has an amazing eye and an intrinsic understanding of the editing process and what needs to be done when looking at a cut," Hubbard adds. "It's something that's hard to teach, it's just a sense you have and Jason definitely has it."

Some of his best-known spot work includes ads for M&M's, IBM, Heineken, Bacardi, the NY Knicks and Morgan Stanley.

In addition to adding Kileen, Cause & [Effect] recently expanded their space taking on additional square footage inside their west 27th street loft space. They have added another editing suite, several graphics workstations and administrative offices and personnel.

About Cause & [Effect]:
Cause & [Effect] is a full service creative boutique led by Jamie Hubbard and Jason Zemlicka. Their collective backgrounds in writing, directing, editing and FX provide the foundation for creatively solid spot production. A ten-year film and television veteran, Jason has written, directed and edited for PBS, IFC, TechTV (now G4), produced marketing campaigns for advertising and broadcast clients and helped to redefine Nickelodeon's on air image. As a Producer and Editor Jamie has worked in-house for several creative studios as a member of brand-building teams for clients such as HGTV, TLC, VH-1 and Playhouse Disney. He's written and edited everything from traditional 30 second spots, to award winning short films, to long-form integrated marketing content. Cause & [Effect] understands that industry and ecology are inherently connected. That's why they donate 1% of revenue to the environmental organization 1% for the Planet (

Web Resources:
For more info about Cause & [Effect] click here:

Click here to watch Jason Kileen's reel:

July 18, 2009

MindSmack Taps Sound Designer/Composer/Engineer Brian Rund To Lead Audio Division

Award-Winning Audio Talent Joins Full-Service Post House/Web Development Company

NEW YORK, NY - Brian Rund, the award-winning audio engineer/sound designer/composer, has joined the creative staff of MindSmack (, the full service post house for advertising, television and film featuring state-of-the-art editorial, graphics, audio post, as well as web design and multimedia development.

"Very few audio engineers can do it all, but Brian is definitely among that elite group that can," Todd Feuer, President of MindSmack. "The industry is all about talent now and Brian is the best mixer I've ever worked with. He is an amazing audio engineer, as well as a top sound designer and composer. We feel lucky to have him aboard." Feuer founded MindSmack with his brothers Mike Feuer and Sam Feuer.

Rund comes to MindSmack following three years at audio post house SoundHound where he worked on numerous high profile projects for Syfy Channel (formerly known as Sci Fi Channel), History Channel, HBO, Spike, Nickelodeon, as well as numerous advertising projects.

Rund began his career in 1992 at Random Bus\Pink Noise, the audio divisions of the now-defunct editorial house Dennis Hayes & Associates. It was there Brian gained a passion for sound. His credits there include spots for Sony, Diet Dr. Pepper, Dockers and more. Rund's studio shelves are lined with multi awards, including BDA/Promax (World Gold), Tellys and Aegis awards.

Rund explained that his decision to join Mindsmack was based solely on the company's forward-thinking business model that emphasizes a boutique studio environment, explorations into developing its own original content and its frequent collaboration with the web development side of the company whose clients include Citigroup, Doritos, American Express, Pepsi and the U.S. Marines Corps. In April 2009, MindSmack was rated number one on's list of Best Web Design Companies.

"It's an understatement to say the industry is changing -- today companies need to embrace change, not merely be resigned to it, and that's what I love about what Todd, Mike and Sam are building with MindSmack," Rund says. "They're open to new ideas and have access to opportunities that I want to be involved with. I'm excited to be a part of what they're building here."

Since joining MindSmack Rund has been involved in numerous top creative assignments, including the SyFy network rebrand, as well as projects for Sundance Channel and a new spot for Puma via agency Syrup.

When he's not in the studio, Rund entertains kids in the tri-state area in the band Baze and his Silly Friends. Their video is set be released on HBO Family in June of 2009.

For more information about check out

July 16, 2009

PMcD Design Creates Original Show Branding/Promo Campaign For Fox Reality Channel

Design House Incorporates 'Pixelation' Concept To Network's First Major Branding Campaign For Original Programming

NEW YORK, NY - If you're a fan of reality television, then you've no-doubt seen pixelation -- the technique networks often use to hide questionable content. Award-winning design house PMcD Design, part of the transmedia branding and design group LORI PATE+, has referenced that technique to create a comprehensive branding and promotional tool for Fox Reality Channel's original programming.

"Since their programming is extremely varied -- everything from American Idol Extra to Solitary, an endurance-based reality show," Patrick McDonough says. "Creatively it was crucial that we address the RFP to find a way to connect all of these shows and brand them as Fox Reality Channel Originals, as well as provide a visual toolkit"

Brilliant in its simplicity, the pixelation concept represents one of Fox Reality Channel's largest strategic branding efforts to date, giving them a truly identifiable look for their original content that, according to Lorey Zlotnick, Senior VP of Marketing and On-Air Promotions for Fox Reality, will serve as the visual core for network originals. .

"In order to create a sense of environment and link all these shows together, we needed to create a branding campaign with an umbrella look to pull the wide depth and breadth of our original programming together," Zlotnick said. "With so many challenges including a wide range of viewing options, program repurposing where viewers can see the same show on a variety of networks and new ways to consume media; it was essential to create a graphic package that truly interacts with our content and we can own. The pixel package does just that and more and if viewers watch closely, they will get some additional visual surprises.

PMcD Design Creative Director Josh Lynne initially conceived the pixilation concept, recognizing it as a constant visual element seen in most reality shows. And, thanks to its reveal/conceal nature, it opened a lot of creative doors, providing a seemingly infinite number of ways to incorporate it into the network's on-air look.

"Pixelation is prevalent in most reality shows, but we took it further by adding different elements and intricately weaving it into an overall look," Lynne said. "We took something pretty rudimentary and took it to artistic levels."

Since the package's launching with the new season of the show Solitary for on air, print and digital, the network has called on PMcD Design to adapt the look for other network projects.

PMcD Design is a New York-based, full-service design company. PMcD specializes in all aspects of broadcast, and print design as well as production for the entertainment industry. Clients include ABC, NBC, ESPN, National Geographic, Starz, Encore, PBS and WNET. PMcD Design is part of LORI PATE+, a transmedia branding and design group. For further information, please contact Lori Pate by visiting

Fox Reality Channel launched in May 2005, to become the premier destination for lovers of unscripted programming. Fox Reality Channel is the only all-reality, all-the-time cable and satellite network featuring compelling original programming and network favorites. Fox Reality Channel is available in nearly 50 million homes and can be accessed via broadband, mobile devices and other digital platforms such as iTunesÆ (excluding "American Idol Extra"). For more information on Fox Reality Channel programs and schedules, please visit

LORI PATE+ represents the top branding, promotion, design, interactive and production professionals in the broadcast, cable and evolving media industries. Experienced and innovative, LORI PATE+ connects clients to its members to produce effective media branding solutions.

Click here to check out the new Fox Reality Channel package:

Click here for more info about PMcD Deaign

Click here for more info about LORI PATE+:

Click here for more info about Fox Reality Channel

Client: Fox Reality Channel
Project: Originals Branding/Promotion Package/Solitary Promo Campaign
SVP, Consumer Marketing & On-Air Promotion: Lorey Zlotnick
Director, On-Air Promotion: Ruth Schiller

Design: PMcD Design, New York
Creative Director: Patrick McDonough
Executive Producer: Dana K. Bonomo
Designer: Josh Lynne
Producer: Alison Cole
Lead Animator: Alex Gasowski
Animator: Travis Blain
Toolkit Coordination: Genevieve Manion
Writer/Producer: Ellen Davis (Solitary Promo Campaign)
Editor: Damian Ziemkowski (Solitary Promo Campaign)

Audio Post: SoundHound NYC
Engineer: James Von Buelow


One-Stop Broadcast Production Center Hosts Shoots for 36 Episodes of Hit MTV TR3S Show

NEW YORK, NY - "Entertainment as a Second Language with Carlos Santos" (E.S.L.) is the newest breakout show for MTV Tr3s. Bringing together the best of Latin and American cultures, "E.S.L." has made Manhattan Center Productions, in the heart of New York City, ( (MCP) their broadcast production home base.

Located at 34th Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan, MCP’s spacious TV 1 is accommodating a full schedule of 36 episodes for "E.S.L.," providing a world-class broadcast video production plant, expansive support space and comprehensive support to the MTV production crew. In addition to accommodating a 100-person live audience, MCP makes "E.S.L." comfortable with two green rooms, four dressing rooms, a press room, additional audience support space, and a vibrant audience viewing area that doubles as part of the set. "E.S.L.’s" large set is also stored onsite at MCP.

"As with all of our productions, the difference that ‘E.S.L.’ experiences at MCP is the high level of service that we provide," says Marvin Williams, Director of Video Engineering and Operations for MCP. "Whether it’s for a national cable network like MTV, a local broadcaster, or a corporate project, in HD or SD, our staff is committed to making everything move as smoothly as possible."

"E.S.L." on MTV Tr3s is an hour-long, bilingual, bi-cultural variety show featuring performances from today's biggest music artists and interviews with the most talked-about celebrities in movies and television. Packed with entertainment and comedy, Carlos Santos presents comedic sketches with his humorous take on current events, hot topics, music and pop culture.

Conveniently located less than a block from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, MCP is home to an expert staff and three TV studios, an HD post division, a pair of world-class audio recording facilities and Manhattan Center’s renowned venues The Hammerstein and The Grand.

TV1 is equipped for HD and SD productions of every scope, with nine Ikegami HD cameras, Canon lenses, two Stanton Jibs, and an Ikegami HD switcher among the long list of technical highlights. In addition to MTV Tr3s’s "E.S.L.", MCP’s studios have also recently been host to such productions as the YES Network show "CenterStage" and NBC’s "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit".

"MCP provided the high level of support that MTV TR3S required to make ‘E.S.L.’ work," says Sara Morrow, Director of Production for MTV TR3S. "They’re extremely accommodating and the midtown location made things very easy for our cast and crew and most importantly, the fans that come out every week."

As MTV Tr3s and "E.S.L." have discovered, MCP speaks their language when it comes to accessing comprehensive broadcast production and elite service. "We’re glad to have the opportunity to make shooting right here in midtown Manhattan easy for MTV Tr3s," Marvin Williams concludes. "Everything they need is right here."

About Manhattan Center Productions:
The Manhattan Center is home to two of NYC’s legendary venues, The Hammerstein and The Grand. It is also home to three state-of-the-art television studios, a complete High-Definition post-production facility, satellite broadcast capabilities, two world-class recording studios and an orchestral scoring stage which have provided services to a premier client base that includes Warner Brothers, Revolution Studios, Discovery Channel, Island/Def Jam, Dreamworks, Atlantic Records, Harpo Productions, Telepictures, USA Network, NBC/Universal and Capitol Records. For more information, please visit

All referenced product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Web Resources:
Click here for more info about Manhattan Center Productions:

Click here for more info about MTV Tr3s and "Entertainment as a Second Language":

June 30, 2009

BlueRock Adds Editor Bruce Ashkinos -- Veteran Cutter Joins Creative Editorial House

NEW YORK, NY – Further bolstering their already impressive roster of creative talent, BlueRock (, has added award-winning editor Bruce Ashkinos. Ashkinos comes to BlueRock following five years at Chemistry, the editorial house he co-founded in 2004, formerly known as Slingshot.

"For me, it was just the right time to make a change," Ashkinos said. "At BlueRock I can focus only on creative issues and what I need to do I make whatever I’m working on better."

"Bruce’s passion for the art of film editing and storytelling is inspiring," Roe Bressan, BlueRock’s President/COO said. "We’re excited to add his energy and focus to our creative roster."

Known for his sure-hand in an array commercial genres, particularly comedy, dialogue/storytelling and real people, Ashkinos’ current show reel includes spots for Champs Sports, Optimum/Cablevision, I, Wendy’s, as well as a European spot for Chipita baked snacks directed by Tony Kaye. Since joining BlueRock he has completed a new package of Optimum/Cablevision for agency Gardner Nelson + Partners, New York; and an effective PSA for Diabetes via McCann-Erickson, New York.

Looking at the big picture of the commercial production/post industry today, Ashkinos noted how well BlueRock is positioned to meet the demands of an ever-changing media industry.

"Editors In today’s marketplace need to look ahead for their clients more than ever before and offer creative options across multiple media platforms," Ashkinos explained. "Thanks to BlueRock’s unique relationship with their partner companies -- Spontaneous for design/visual effects/3D; Blast for full service audio post production; Contagious for digital marketing services; and Ballistic, for compositing, scene enhancement -- there literally isn’t any aspect of the filmmaking process we can’t creatively wrap our arms around. I’m looking forward to contributing to their already impressive reputation."

About BlueRock:
BlueRock ( was founded on a simple but compelling editing philosophy -- that the talents of the editor and his or her vision, judgment and skills should be allowed to influence, inform and improve every aspect of the production process. Serving the needs of the advertising, television programming, music video, feature film and interactive media industries, BlueRock is known for its hallmark combination of creative talent and technical prowess. Its ad agency client list includes such shops as BBDO, JWT, McCann Erickson, Publicis Groupe, Young & Rubicam, and many others. Its editors possess a broad range of talents and styles, and their work has been recognized with AICP Awards, AICE Awards, Emmy® Awards, ANDY Awards and Clios.

Web Resources:
Click here for more info about BlueRock and to view Bruce Ashkinos current show reel:

June 17, 2009

Mind Guerilla: BDA|Promax Design Awards Coverage

Mind Guerilla: BDA|Promax Design Awards Coverage

BDA|Promax Design Awards Coverage

At the PROMAX|BDA Design Awards, host and 30 Rock co-star Judah Friedlander got off many hilarious jibes at the design industry -- "I guess you guys are going to go home and blog tonight. Probably spell out 'boob' on your calculator." And while that maybe true, there's no denying the great work on display in the Grand Ballroom of the New York hotel.

Between bits of bruchetta and sips of acceptable red wine, the design community turned the spotlight on itself. Some of the standouts included the Comedy Central 'Indecision 08' promo campaign from my friends at Royale, the FX 'Dirt' image spot produced by all-around-cool-chick Michele Maples and her company Aresenal; and my personal favorite Spike TV's Star Wars promo campaign. Darth Vader on a golf course = always funny.

The complete list of winners is here:

Loyalkaspar Creates Organically For MTV and A&E

Design/Production Studio Hits The ''Tattoo Highway'' With A&E Network Image Spot; And Soaks Up The Sun For MTV's Spring Break '09 Package

NEW YORK, NY -- Two recent projects for A&E Network and MTV effectively highlight both the diverse creative skills and love of blending organic and digital art found at Loyalkaspar, the creative design/production company led by directors David Herbruck and Beat Baudenbacher, part of the transmedia branding and design group LORI PATE+.

For A&E Network's "Tattoo Highway," a new reality series, Loyalkaspar used hand-drawn illustrations to create the tattoo art seen in the image spot; while for the MTV "Spring Break '09" package they referenced an analog photographic technique known as "Lomography."

On The Road With "Tattoo Highway"
"Tattoo Highway" takes tattoo reality television on a road trip with master tattoo artist Thomas Pendelton. Pendelton and his business partner and wife Monica have transformed a 1970s tour bus into a tattoo parlor on wheels, featuring a swanky interior and top-of-the-line tattooing equipment. It's a tattoo shop that can tattoo anyone, anywhere.

For the image spot, Herbruck and Baudenbacher traveled to picturesque Lancaster, CA to film Pendelton, using the state-of-the-art digital RED camera system, standing in the middle of a desert road and talking directly to the camera about his life as a tattoo artist and his motivation for taking his work on the road. Swirling around him as he talks are a series of highly-detailed tattoo art that was first hand-drawn on paper and later scanned and animated using Flash.

"The goal for this project was to introduce the show and Pendelton to viewers," Baudenbacher says. "We wanted to capture his intense personality and get a sense of who he is and how passionate he is about tattoos and their meaning to people. For the tattoo art, it was crucial that we use illustration to capture all of the subtle imperfections that make them so powerful. Digital is too perfect to create realistic-looking tattoo art."

Low Tech Look Rings True For MTV's Spring Break '09
For the show package to its "Spring Break '09" coverage, MTV's annual paean to bikini-clad fun, Loyalkaspar referenced a decidedly retro photographic technique known as "Lomography," which takes its name from the LOMO, a compact 35mm camera popular in the 1980s, known for producing oversaturated colors, off-kilter exposures, blurring and other whimsical photographic images.

"It's a short, but definitely effective piece," says Elliott Chaffer, Creative Director at Loyalkaspar. "We wanted to give the look a personal touch, almost like a quick documentation of the spring break experience."

Set to a driving electronic beat, the screen is separated into four vertical blocks, each displaying a closely related, yet slightly different series of images (featuring shots from noted fashion photographer Neil Stewart), all backed by a brilliant blue sky. One series of stills shows a blonde beauty in reflecting sunglasses tilting her head back toward the sun. Another shows a young man grinning happily while overlooking the ocean. In the last one, a woman and a smiling couple all glow with anticipation, which quickly gives way to a rowdy beach crowd waving their arms in the air. At center screen, and bridging the four vertical blocks, is the MTV "Spring Break '09" logo.

"In assembling the imagery in four parts, we actually removed some frames to give the scenes a jerkier look," Daniel Dornemann, Loyalkaspar's Art Director/Designer, explains. "The low-tech feel accentuating these beautiful color burns gives the entire piece a vibrant, fashionable party look."

While everyone liked the idea of the handmade, four-part look, selecting the appropriate imagery was another story.

"We provided a number of possibilities to MTV, and to their credit they went for the most stylized concept," he says. "Selecting just the right images to open the spot took a good deal of collaboration. In the end, everyone was pleased with how it turned out."

About Loyalkaspar:
Recognizing that the process is often more rewarding than the end result is just one of the ways design house Loyalkaspar ( distinguishes itself from the creative herd. Founded by directors David Herbruck and Beat Baudenbacher, Loyalkaspar has quickly earned a reputation among advertising creatives and network producers as a creative hub where daring creative and innovative execution intersect.

LORI PATE+ represents top branding, promotion, design, interactive and production professionals serving the broadcast, cable and evolving media industries. Experienced and innovative, LORI PATE+ connects clients to its members to produce effective media branding solutions.

Web Resources:
Click here to check out the image spot for A&E's Tattoo Highway

Click here to watch the MTV Spring Break Open

Click here for more info about Loyalkaspar:

Click here for more info about LORI PATE+:

Creative Credits:

Tattoo Highway:
Client: A&E
Project: 'Tattoo Highway' image spot
Creative Director: Maria Pecoraro
Producer : Jonathan Davis

Production/Design: Loyalkaspar, New York
Director/Creative Director: Beat Baudenbacher
Executive Producer: David Herbruck
Senior Producer: Melissa August-Levin
Design Director: Geoff Bailey
Illustrators: Ann Kruetzkamp, Serge Kirsanov
Animator: Sebastien Larreur, Anthony Serraino
Editor: Eli Mavros
Director of Photography: Rhet Bear
Line Producer: Carmen Bosley

Music & Sound Design: Kick Music & Sound Design, Santa Monica, CA
Composer: Greg Smith

MTV Spring Break '09
Client: MTV
Project: Spring Break '09 - show open
Creative Director: David McElwaine
Producer: Tina Corrado

Design/Production: Loyalkaspar, New York
Creative Director: Elliott Chaffer
Designer/Art Director: Daniel Drnemann
Photographer: Neil Stewart
Animator: Sebastien Larreur
Producer: Scott Lakso

Music & Sound Design: Kick Music & Sound Design, Santa Monica, CA
Composer: Greg Smith

Grey Worldwide Turns To Expansion Team For Pure Inventions Ad

Licensed Track From Songwriter Nyles Lannon Sets Perfect Organic Tone For Nutritional, Liquid Supplements Company

NEW YORK, NY - Quiet and introspective, Nyles Lannon's song "Turn Time Around" perfectly captures the ethereal mood of the new ad "Green" (:30) for the nutritional, liquid supplements company Pure Inventions and agency Grey Worldwide. The song was placed by New York-based music house Expansion Team, who represents Lannon's catalog alongside many critically acclaimed independent musicians and bands. Well-known for his stint in San Francisco-based indie band Film School, Lannon has also composed original music for Expansion Team. "Turn Time Around" is taken from Lannon's solo release Chemical Friends (Badman Recording Co).

Pure Inventions is a unique line of all-natural fruit and tea extracts that is added to water with a dropper. The simple-yet-elegant spot visually depicts in lush, languid slow motion, a droplet of green liquid entering water and forming into lava lamp-like shapes that are perfectly choreographed to Lannon's song. The on-screen typography reads "Mother Nature: 1. Father Time: 0"

According to Alex Moulton, Creative Director and Partner at Expansion Team, Grey wanted the campaign to be as "pure" as the products themselves by finding songs that felt fresh and contemporary.

"They wanted a certain feeling of 'green-ness' in the music, but it was also important to find a lyric that fit but wasn't forced," Moulton says. "We went through a lot of tracks but kept coming back to this song, It just felt right from the first moment we played it against the rough cut. 'Turn Time Around' ended up being a perfect fit for the brand and the campaign."

About Expansion Team:
Expansion Team redefines how music can be created for today's media by building a bridge between the recording, TV, film and advertising industries. They know the importance of a successful brand message and focus on creating impassioned brand aficionados. Led by founder and creative director Alex Moulton and executive producer April Jaffe, Expansion Team is supported by an exceptional roster of talent; an international collective of award-winning producers, songwriters, DJs and remixers. Because they work in studios around the world, an additional network of top session players and vocalists have become part of their growing family. For more information check out:

Web Resources:
Click here to watch the spot:

Click here for more info about Expansion Team:

Click here to hear 'Turn Time Around':

Click here for more info about Pure Inventions:

Creative Credits:
Client Pure Inventions
Project: "Green" (:30)

Agency: Grey Worldwide, New York, NY
Agency Producer: Amy Rosen
Agency CD: Shawn Couzens

Production Company: Iron Claw, Los Angeles, CA

Music Licensing: Expansion Team, New York
Creative Director: Alex Moulton
Composer: Nyles Lannon
Executive Producer: April Jaffe
Production Manager: Jean Kouremetis
Track: "Turn Time Around" (from Chemical Friends, 2004 Badman Records)