December 18, 2009

BIGSMACKtv Creates New Image Campaign for BIO Channel

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Irreverent is not the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of the BIO Channel, but that is the best way to describe the new 9-spot image campaign created for the popular cable network by BIGSMACKtv, the agency/production/design studio hybrid led by Creative Director Andy Hann.

''BIO has changed their identity significantly over the last few years and so we wanted to reinforce the network’s brand, which at its core centers on the idea that understanding is empowering,'' Hann says.

The campaign centers on profound quotes from famous personalities read with intense seriousness by real people in their natural environment who have seemingly embraced the quotes as a life mantra through which they have become more empowered and actualized.

Each spot begins with a seemingly out-of-left-field Latin-infused percussive soundtrack that abruptly stops as soon as the subject stands before the camera on a small red circle stage designed to recall the red dot in the BIO logo. The juxtaposition of the quotes and who said them with the personality and setting of the real people gives the campaign its absurdist edge.

The spots ends with the BIGSMACKtv penned tagline: ''The stories are true. The inspiration is endless'' followed by a fast-paced montage of black and white still photos of an array of celebrities from Al Capone to Cameron Diaz to the Rolling Stones and more.

BIGSMACKtv began the process with hours of extensive research to find these revelatory quotes. Their only criteria was that it feel insightful enough to be believed that the person reading the quote would take it to heart.

The detailed casting sessions for the nine principal talent included equal parts real people and actors was followed by an intense one-day shoot on a farm in Bucks County, PA and exterior locations in downtown Philadelphia. Although the shoot was logistically complex, Hann notes it was made easier thanks to their smart casting choices.

''When you have the right cast, the shoot is easy,'' Hann notes. ''The real people were quirky personalities to begin with so all they had to be was themselves, and the actors were consummate pros. The goal was to find people that had a look about them that was easy to prejudge. But then, through their quote, your perception of them would change. It’s about empowerment through knowledge, which is really what BIO is all about.''

Lead by Creative Director Andy Hann, BIGSMACKtv is a full service creative agency specializing in the broadcast industry. From their offices in downtown Philadelphia, BIGSMACKtv creates, produces, designs and posts image and promotional campaigns for the world’s leading entertainment providers. Recent clients include Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, HBO, Comedy Central, Sundance and A&E, among others. For more information contact: Brett Ashy at The Ashy Agency (, 323-464-2749) or go to

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Creative Credits:
Client: BIO
Project: 9-spot image campaign

Agency/Production: BIGSMACKtv, Philadelphia, PA
Creative Director: Andy Hann
Executive Producers: Heidi Erney, Kelly Dials

December 10, 2009

BOND Launches BOND Design Collective

NEW YORK, NY -- Looking to expand the creative services and talent available to its clients, as well as build new relationships, markets and opportunities, BOND, the full-service creative post-house led by Creative Director Jeff Beckerman, has formed the BOND Design Collective -- a strategic alliance between three extraordinarily talented creative companies that specialize in visual effects/3D animation, conceptualization, motion graphics and interactive design for any type of screen. Together, they form a power and dynamic creative force unlike many others.

The BOND Design Collective includes BOND-FX, which specializes in visual effects, motion graphics and scene enhancement; The Core, the Santa Monica, CA based design studio specializing in conceptually driven broadcast design and motion graphics; and eatdrink, Chicago, best known for its award-winning interactive and CG design for numerous top national brands.

The BOND Design Collective is the latest addition to BOND, which includes BOND Edit (creative offline/online editorial and finishing); BOND Audio (sound design and audio post); and BOND-FX.

According to Beckerman, what makes the BOND Design Collective so powerful is that each company brings something different creatively to the proverbial table.

''Given these economic times, we see this as a potential game-changer for both the current clients of all three companies, as well as potential new ones looking to tap into a wealth of talent and technology rarely found within a single entity,'' Beckerman says. ''From high-end concept development through challenging executions, whether in advertising, broadcast, network branding, multimedia and beyond, there literally isn’t a facet of our modern communications landscape we can’t handle.''

• Led by visual effects designer Jeff Spangler, BOND-FX is a Flame/Flare-based visual effects and motion graphic studio. Their work includes new ads for Pantene, General Mills and Wendy’s.

• The Core is known for its high-energy creative direction, conceptually driven design and motion graphics work for an array of clients including VH1, Spike, Marc Ecko and Yahoo. Led by Creative Director Chris Hoffman and Executive Producer Chad Feeback, the company just won a 2009 First Boards Awards and a 2009 Telly.

• eatdrink’s work integrates striking interactive design, 3D animation and video executions. Clients ranging from A1 Steak Sauce, Disney, McDonald’s and Zappos, as well as many others, have been the recipients of their design expertise. Chad Hutson is eatdrink’s Founder and Executive Producer.

For Beckerman, the BOND Design Collective maintains the benefits of a specialized creative boutique while adding deeper capabilities in conceptual design, 3D, visual effects and interactive design into one coordinated team. All without losing the personal touch and service that BOND is known for throughout the post-production community.

''Our goal,” Beckerman says, ''is to find new ways to better serve our clients, make new ones and further expand into other industries. This is also an amazing opportunity for The Core and eatdrink to be able to offer their clients BOND’s audio, editorial and visual effects capabilities for their projects. Having a coast-to-coast reach means we can work with clients virtually anywhere in the U.S. Together we are a formidable powerhouse of talent and energy and we look forward to showing the industry how much we’re capable of.''

About BOND:
From inside their beautifully designed 6,500 square foot studio, BOND ( -- the creative editorial/post house founded in 2006 by editor Jeff Beckerman – lends its versatile talents to the best in cross-platform advertising and entertainment. They offer clients a full menu of creative services, including editing, graphics, motion effects and sound design/audio post. For more information contact Executive Producer, Stephanie Shayne at HYPERLINK "" or 212-533-9400.

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