May 1, 2009

Thwak! Music Helps LG Mobile Phones And Agency Brandbuzz 'Save The Music'

Deceptively Simple :30 and :60 Spot Calls for Comprehensive Scoring and Video Skills of Multitalented Music & Sound Design House

NEW YORK, NY -- For Thwak! Music (, scoring the newest :30 and :60 spots for LG Mobile Phones was anything but child's play. An upbeat campaign from BrandBuzz (a division of Young & Rubicam Brands) that announces LG's partnership with the VH1 "Save the Music" Foundation, the highly musical "Drum Routine" spots are helping to raise funding for the music education programs of over 1 million children nationwide.

In the spots, an enthusiastic young music student makes his way to school drumming on anything he can find: glasses, banisters, garden tools, car parts, boxes, bikes, and plenty of thin air. When he finally lands behind his school's new drumset, made possible by LG, the jamming really starts, followed by a glorious burst of guitar-driven music to cap it off.

Thwak! Takes it On:
"This was a complex equation for us to solve," says Thwak! founder Tony Verderosa. "A kid is playing drums on mufflers and railings, and somehow we had to create a piece of music from that. Our first step was making sure that all the musical phrases he played on camera were sitting perfectly on the grid, and that the audience would be able to tap their foot to a nice groove all the way through. Next, we incorporated some of the audio they recorded on the shoot, enhancing that with sound design.

"So we scored this journey, which constantly builds to a climactic finish with a very uplifting spirit. I'm a drummer myself, and I can remember being four years old and playing on anything that my hands could hit. I think it's a beautiful story about an innate desire to play music, and how 'Save the Music' is nurturing that desire in kids."

The Thwak! Technique:
With its considerable video remix expertise also on tap, Thwak! took the extra step of collaborating closely with Beast Editorial editor Adam Schwartz to make the music and video a perfect fit. "Beast did an amazing job cutting these spots," says Verderosa. "In a few sequences, we needed a few frames added or subtracted to make the groove sit tighter. We tweaked the footage using Final Cut Pro since Adam and the agency were cool enough to give us the footage with 'handles.' Adam was then able to copy exactly what we did and apply this to the master back at Beast. In a spot like this, you would be surprised at what a huge difference just a few frames here and there can make to the overall groove. It was a true team effort."

The multimedia toolbox that is Thwak! made them the ideal partner to help "Save the Music." "For a spot and story this complex, we had to come up with new solutions," Verderosa says. "Our experience handling picture as well as sound allowed us to put a fresh spin on everything, solve this puzzle and support the message 100 percent."

About Thwak!
Founded in 2001 by international recording artist Tony Verderosa, Thwak! has built a loyal following in the Film, TV and Advertising Industry by creating custom music, original songs and re-records of classic songs with it's roster of award winning songwriters and film composers. It also is the home of music supervision/music licensing division, For more information, please visit, email or call 212-937-5177.

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Client: LG/VH1 "Save the Music"
Project: "Drum Routine" (:60, :30)
Airdate: April 2009

Production Company: Biscuit, Los Angeles, CA
Director: Russ Lamoureux

Agency Creative: BrandBuzz, New York, NY
Copywriter: Liz Harrison
Art Director: Renee Anderson
Creative Director: Phil Jungmann
Creative Director: Jill Applebaum
Global Executive Creative Director: Darren Moran
Executive Producer: Craig Sloane

Editorial: BEAST, New York, NY & Los Angeles, CA
Editor: Adam Schwartz
Executive Producer: Joanne Ferraro

Music/ Sound Design: Thwak! Music, New York, NY
Executive Music Producer: Tony Verderosa