September 14, 2007

nailgun* Creates Extensive Redesign of Universal Channel

NEW YORK, NY – With a strong live-action narrative that abstractly recalls such classic films as Rear Window and The Conversation, award winning design/production studio nailgun* has completed the comprehensive redesign of Universal Channel, the NBC Universal owned network seen by millions throughout Latin America. The redesign, which includes network IDs, bumpers, menus, promo templates, specialized movie animation opens/interstitials and more, focuses on the network’s character-driven programming and its evolution from a crime channel into a general entertainment destination.

“Universal is an iconic brand that has been around for a long time, and Universal Channel is one of the top networks in Latin America, so they’ve obviously been doing some things well in terms of their branding,” says Michael Waldron, President/Creative Director at nailgun*. “While we wanted to revitalize the network’s look and feel, we didn’t want to mess with what was working.”